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Online Painting Estimate


Welcome to Paint Cincy’s Online Estimate Tool!

Please feel free to use this automated form to calculate an approximate estimate for painting services.

We offer a variety of options including a set price for a single bedroom, our time and material rate for exterior work, and a detailed interior estimate model.


There are a few features we would like to add in the future, including emailing you a copy of the final results and details. For now, feel free to screenshot any page for your personal reference. 


By enabling cookies for this page, our form can store your data. However, I advise that you screenshot it or record it in some other fashion, as I am not an IT expert.

All of our pricing assumes our standard level of prep work and two coats of finish paint.


Wallpaper removal projects are not listed, as they are too difficult to predict accurately. Please contact us directly for more details regarding any wallpaper removal pricing.

This form was created to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at

And if you would like to move forward with an estimate given by our form, please send us an email at

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