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Paint Cincy offers in home project consultations and instructional courses.

Learn and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost while developing skills which will last a lifetime.

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Meet Our Pro

Joe Haas is a Cincinnati native and proud Bearcat.

Growing up, he learned from his Grandfather not only what tools were, but how to use them.

Joe learned about painting and the construction industry after college. He worked under a well respected local painter who showed him the value of an honest day’s work and what it means to take great care of your clients. Joe went on to found Haas Painting and Houseworks.

Now, he is looking to share what he has learned with people who may not have been able to afford his professional painting services. By teaching more people how to complete their own projects, Joe hopes to build confidence in home owners, saving them stress and money for the duration of their home owning days.

Coming Soon! Handy Husband Certification

Has your honey-do list grown out of control?

Get Handy Husband Certified!

We’ll teach you the necessary tools and techniques for maintaining your home.

The program will walk you through all aspects of basic home maintenance, so that you leave confident to tackle the most common homeowner challenges. We’ll help increase your tool efficiency by teaching you best practices.

Make new friends and leave Handy Husband Certified!

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